Paradhi Development Program

Introduction About Pardhi Communities

Yavatmal District has significant population of Paradhi (Tribal) community spread over 53 hamlets locally known as ‘Bedas’. Paradhi Bedas are located in Ralegaon, Ghatanji, Yavatmal, Kalamb, Ner and Bhabulgaon blocks. Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal (DBPM) has been working in the district since year 1997, for upliftment of Paradhi tribe which is economically and socially most backward. The community is branded as a criminal community and has been a persecuted one. Hunting of wild animals was the major livelihood activity of the community. Stricter forest laws and their high handed implementation deprived the community of its livelihood. In the absence of the livelihood, many of the community turned to petty crime.

Deendayal Bahuudeeshiya Prasarak Mandal, Yavatmal (DBPM) focused its attention to them and started visiting the Bedas. These hamlets are at a distance from other village. Pardhis do not socially mix with other communities as they do not trust them. Pardhis have their own traditions and beliefs a few of which do not match with main stream society. Bringing them to mainstream society required change in their outlook of the society as also change in outlook of mainstream society towards Pardhis. DBPM thought that this could be done through modern education. To build trust for other communities, DBPM volunteers frequently visited the Pardhi habitations, participated in their cultural activities and helped them in difficulties faced by them with Govt. agencies, etc. DBPM concluded that in the process of their upliftment, the children education should be accorded top priority. While encouraging them for sending children to schools a need for hostel facility at a place having better schools was felt.

Vivekanand Chhatravas

Vivekanand Chhatravas has been providing free of cost hostel facilities to children from Paradhi hamlets and suicide victim families of farmers of the district, facilitating their education in standard schools in Yavatmal town. During the year, 30 Pardhi students and 5 students from suicide victim families of farmer were admitted to the Chhhatravas, of which 30 students appeared for respective examination and 29 students passed with good marks. 5 students appeared for SSC exam and 4 of them were successful. So far more than 500 students have been provided hostel facilities in the Chhatravas. Focus on providing congenial environment and guidance to the students has kept the success rate high.

There are 04 desktop computers in the hostel and students get an opportunity to handle them. A Computer instructor appointed to trained the students in computer operating. Now they can handle the office applications in computer. Dignitaries from various fields are visited to the hostel and guide them on different tasks of life. The visits were planned systematically for the personality development of the students. 34 dignitaries from different fields visited during the year. Crafts like sewing, embroidery, cycle repairing, bouquet making, etc. are also taught to the students.

Educational Trip :

Students From Vivekanand Chhatravas were taken for educational tour to Sevagram, Pawnar & Jamni in Wardha district 13 Nov 2016. During this tour students visited to Bapu Kuti, Sewagram, Sarvoday Ashram, Pawnar, Shrikrushna Temple & Buddha Stupa, Gopuri, Wardha and Sugar Factory at Jamni.

Bapu Kuti, Sewagram is the sacred place founded by Mahatma Gandhi and Sarvoday Ashram, Pawnar founded by Bharatratn Vinoba Bhave. Sugar Factory, Jamni is famous for its management and work towards the welfare of farmers.

Vivekanand Birth Anniversary

To cope the students with the divine life of Swami Vivekanand and the inspire and boost their life to nurture them, we celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand on 12 Jan every year.

This year noted orator Smt. Lalita Ghode was the chief guest . In her speech she threw light on the character & life of Swami Vivekanand. On this occasion students also deliver their speeches regarding the pious life of Swami Vivekanand

Parents Gathering (Palak Melava)

A gathering of the parents of the students staying at Chhatravas, their local guardians, Ex-Students is organized every year. This year also the gathering was held on 29-Jan-2017 at Mahesh Bhavan, Yavatmal. Students presented pyramids, Yogasana, Dance, Song & Drama. They also presented a Marathi Natika on Note Bandi (Demonetization).

Dr. Suresh Hawre, President, Shri. Sai Sansthan, Shirdi & Mrs. Nalini Hawre was the guests of honour. Parents of the students expressed their gratitude to the Institution for the progress of their children. People from all walks of life attended the program.

Other Activities:

Sport Event : The Team of Chhatrawas participated in district level Basketball tournament and Secured first prize. At the same time the participated in divisional level tournament also.

Cultural Activities :

Raksha Bandhan, Ganeshotsav , Bhaubeej & Diwali celebration organized in chhatrawas to cope the students with our festivals and culture.

Small Irrigation Projects :

Irrigation is necessary for ideal & productive farming. But the paucity of irrigation projects in the region forced the farmers to death. So our planned is to establish models of Small Irrigation Project like -

Farm-Pond (Shet-Tale) etc. due to this Project, irrigation facility can be increased.

Medicinal Plant Project :

So many Medicinal Plants are on the way of dearth. These aluable medicinal plants are very useful for Ayurvedic Medicine. The Medicinal Plant- Farming gives good crops & profit. but the farmers from this region are not so eager to take this crop. So, we are going to develop Medicinal Plantation to stimulate the farmers of this region.