Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak

Our Dream Project

Agricultural Research & Training Centre

In this forthcoming venture we are planning to start 'Agricultural Research & Training Centre for the farmers'Who have under taken 'Agriculture their 'Earning Sources'

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Under this our plan is to established a Residential Training Center, various models of professional farming's ,Organic farming ,Models of Agro-based businesses like Goate farming,milk Dairy,Reshim-Udyog etc.for this project ,we have purchased 9 Acres of farm land,which is only 7 kms.away from Yavatmal town.The initial Estimated Cost of this project is around Rs.8,75,00,000/-[Rs. Eight Crore,Seventy five Lacks.]

1) Residential Training Centre
Our plan is to provide best Training Facilities to the farmers.So we are going to establish a modern Residential Training Centre.This facility is not yet available in the region.
2) Soil Testing Centre
Our plan is to establish an Agricultural laboratory for soil Testing ,seed Research and Enhancement & other Agricultural Research.Under this activity we will prepare soil health cards of farmers.
3) The Models of organic Farming
In this proposed research centre ,we planned to established the ideal plots of Organic Farming. These model plots will guide the debt ridden farmers of the region.Due to this the Input value of their crops will be reduce.Nowadays due to the use of chemicals fertilizers & insectivore,production increases,production increases but profit of the farmer terribly decreases.
4) Indigenous Seed-Bank
In these days of chemical farming ,due to the use of hybrid & B.T.seeds dependency of the farmer increases day-by-day and the traditional seeds are on the edge of our plan is to establish a Traditional Seed-Bank.
5) The Model of Agro Based Business
When the farmer get into the trouble due to drought like situation or infertility.The Agro-Based small business help them to counter the our plan is to establish various models of Agro-Based small Business like Dairy,Goat Farming,Reshim-Udhyog etc.
6) Small Irrigation Projects:Irrigation is necessary for ideal & productive farming .But the paucity of irrigation projects in the region forced the farmers to our plan is to establish models of small Irrigation Project like-
Farm-pond(shet-Tale)etc.due to this project ,irrigation facility can be increased.
7) Medicinal plant Project
So many Medicinal plants are on the way of dearth.These valuable medicinal plants are very useful for Ayurvedic Medicine.The Medicine plant-Farming gives good crops and profit.but the farmers from this region are not so eager to take this we are going to develop Medicinal Plantation to provoke the farmers of this region.