Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak


Deendayal Farmers Development project
Help for noble cause

            Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India is an organization dedicated for the compressive development of the families of farmers who ave commited suicide. The organisation has undertaken the Deendayal Farmers Development Project . The project is dedicated totally for the cause of the family members of the farmers who have committed suicide and ended the journey and help them make both the ends meet.

            As you know that in last few years there have been hike in the incidents of the farmer suicide in India and the Yavatmal district is no exception to it. It may be noted here that the district ranks first in the country in the incidents of the farmer suicide which is blot to the nation and also the society.

               he families of the farmers who have ended their life have been facing large problems and the Mandal has taken in hand to give helping hand to these families and again bring them to the main stream of the nation. The worsening condition of the women from such families and the education of the children of these deceased farmers so that they can be brought out of the deadly cycle of the sufferings and dissuade from choosing the same path which has been chose by their parents is the motto of

              The Organization has been undertaking the schemes like Family Welfare Scheme, Education Scheme, Students’ Scholarship Scheme, Health Scheme, Counseling to the families, training of Organic Farming, Watershed Development project, Self Help Groups, Micro Finance for Agrobased business and the others which can help these people stand on their own and earn the bread and butter with respect.

                    It is to be noted that these schemes are running without any Government Aid.

            As you know that the work is being done for the society it cannot be complete without the assistance of the people. We are the part and parcel of the society and owe a lot to the society. The repay the social debt one should come forward to give its squirrels’ share to the noble work and help the peasant families overcome their problems.