Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak

Health Guard Scheme

Keshav Arogya Rakshaka Yojna Project
(Health Guard Scheme)

To root out the health problems of the Pardhis at their dwelling and to Charge the unhygienic conditions of their life-style, 'Keshav-Arogya-RakshakYojna' is in progress. 35 dwellings are given this service. Dr. ManojPande, noted Physician of the city & other members of working committee of the project shouldered up this responsibility.

Now we are going to appoint Lady Health Guards to provide necessary medical facilities and to conduct awareness campaign about Malnutrition, Sanitation in Paradhi Women. At the same time our plan is to start a Mobile Medical Van on the Paradhi hamlets situated in remote areas to provide them better medical facilities. we are also going to conduct a survey about Malnutrition and provide them necessary medicine to root out this problem from Paradhi Hamlets.

Keshav Aarogya Rakshak Yojna also working for social hygiene,remove supersitions,Bad habits like addictions.Health Guard also trained to implement govt.Schemes on their respective dwellings.