Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak


   Pandit Deendayalji was a person who had devoted his life to build up the nation with his unique ideology ‘Ekatma Manav Darshan’ (Integral Humanism). His life is one of the Best ideological example for ‘Samajik Samarsata’. Our Institution is going to implement his entire ideology to develop the trible students and suicide affected families of farmers as a strong aspect of nation. All his principles and thoughts are guiding and encouraging us to do the best possible for the welfare of the society as a whole. As a tribute to the great soul of a nation we have formed Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal.

   The Pardhis are generally known as beggars in tottered clothes or by the traps on their backs for hunting. They are vagabonds and an itinerant tribe, without home, education and a permanent dwelling place. There has been a total negligence of them by the society as they are far away from development and living outside the villeges. This has caused their undevelopment and backwardness.

   As such suicide of farmers is also the big stain on our society. our food - giver is hanging day by day due to so many reasons. 'Deendayal' again took the whole responsiblity of these unfortunate familes and plan to upliftment of them through various schemes, programs, activities and projects such as Family Support Scheme, Educational Plan, Scholarship Scheme, Watershed, Self Help Groups, Agro Based Busniess and others.

      The task of their betterment and upgradation has already been undertaken by the organization.